Friday, August 3, 2007

Workout: Chatting With Jesse

Us: Do we get to see the real you on the show?
Jesse: It is reality television isn't it? So to answer your question- it's up for interpretation.

Us: Is there anything you thought would make it on the show that didn't?

Jesse: There was a story that followed my best friend Jasmine through her cancer treatment and recovery... we spent many many days filming different parts of her experience and my experience supporting her... but most of the story was cut out of the series. I think that with the passing of Doug, we needed more lite material. I was grateful that we were able to get a bit of the story in the last episode, but I would have loved to have seen more of her story come to life.

Us: Are there any changes you would like you would like made to the show?
Jesse: Of course. No one likes being called fat- especially on national television.

Us: Are you friends with the other trainers?
Jesse: Everyone is so busy doing their thing that there isn't tons of social interaction. I am cordial with everyone... it is hard to go through the experiences that we have and not have some kind of relationship with one another.

Us: What is a typical workday like?
Jesse:Like a work week for many people.

Us: It was hard watching this season knowing Doug had passed,was it hard for you to watch too?
Jesse:Yes, but mostly because by the time that the series aired, Doug had already passed. We already attended his memorial service, and we were all trying to heal from the experience. It was hard to heal seeing him everywhere, seeing footage of the extremeley hard time we all went through, and having to relive it. I don't have a ton of experience with death, so it was hard to live in the grief for so long.

Us: Gotta ask, what was Mimi really like?
Jesse: Firey.Fun.She can kick your ass if she needs to.

Us: Your run in with Rebecca,care to elaborate?
Jesse:I'm so over it that I don't think I need to. We are as friendly as Ross and Rachel now, so we both have moved on.

Us: Are you and Jackie still close?
Jesse: I love that Lesbian with all my heart.

Us: If not a trainer,then what?
Jesse: Well... a chef. But if I was doing something totally different with my life- then I would have to say a psychologist or spiritual counselor. I love figuring out what is going on in peoples' minds, and I am a natural advice giver... with these two qualities combined, it seems like a natural choice.

Us: You are a trained chef,correct?
Jesse: Sì. I specialize in organic dinner parties... I have had the opportunity to share these events all over the country... it is a lot of fun. In Los Angeles I operate an organic food delivery service at so basically, if I'm not in the gym, I'm in the kitchen.

Us: What do you do for fun?
Jesse: I love the theatre, movies, lectures on spirituality and business (odd- but true), I love art, dance, yoga, chilling at home and watching cartoons with my dog... typical sensitive boy stuff.

Us: Any embarrassing moments,in the gym or out, you'd like to share with your fans?
Jesse:Just watch season 2 of Workout.

Us: What are your favorite:
Movie: Moonstruck
TV Show: South Park/ Sponge Bob/ Grey's Anatomy/ Ugly Betty
Book: "I love you forever"- it's a kid's book and a frickin' tear-jerker.
Guilty Pleasure: Sweets/ Keanu Reeves/ musicals

Us: Is there anything you would like to say to the Work Out faithful?
Jesse: Thank You!

Us: Any charities you'd like to give a shout out to?
Jesse: 1. weSpark- it's a support system for cancer recovery patients, it has helped many people I know.

2. Hot in Hollywood - it's a great event supporting AIDS research... go to the website, there is a fabulous event coming up in August!!!

Us: Last question and the silliest by far,if you could be anyone for a day,who would you be and why?
Jesse: Oprah, of course!!! She can do anything she wants!!! (And maybe Victoria Beckham- I mean come on... not to be gross or anything!)

Us: Thank you so much for your time,
Jesse: My pleasure. Be blessed!

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